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How does one reconcile

Certain events

Here we are. Trapped, stifled but also full of life



Laughing and crying

Dying each day even though we keep denying


What’s left we call to each other

What shall we do we shout and then we scatter

And cover ourselves

Bury our lust and our longing

Our hopes and dreams and standing beliefs


What shall we do with the beauty we’ve surfaced

Long years of uncovering desires and the research

We’ve read, absorbed and passed on.

Life skills learned now lost in this torn

State of being we find ourselves in


Wedded to a loss formed

From a lust now distorted


Where shall we go

What shall we be

What lights now

Lead you or me

Guide you to me

Can you find your path

Through the aftermath

Of the tumult and the


The disgruntled

Difficult and mangled

World which is now

Currently Dismantled

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