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Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Or, alternately it can make one ponder

On whether those affections

Which seemed so clear

Were ever really there


One occasionally dreams

Of a long lost love

Someone who changed ones life

Not because

It worked out

But for other reasons

For the lessons one learned

In order to cure

The ache of that love

Which was spurned


Unrequited love

One attempts to have it die quietly, gracefully

But mostly it seems

To want to end unwillingly

Like a mighty blood-curdling scream

That you hear Vikings expel on TV

Before they charge off into war


And then of course there are the words

You wished to hurl

Towards unhearing ears

Towards a solid back turned as they walk away

And your tears

Pour down your face

Onto the lace

Of your beautiful lingerie

Which of course ruins the sexy effect

You were attempting to perfect


You face each day

From then until now

With dreams that surface

Deep in the night

Which bring up, throw up

Feelings of hurt

Of you, and your love usurped

You wake with fingers curled

And your mind upturned

With images and sounds and

Thoughts confused

Yet also profound

These thoughts come

Tangled in damp sheets

Like your passion, once shared

With that someone who cared

But is now, long gone

Now here you are, all alone

But is that now,



Actually a gift


I suspect it is

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