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In this recurring dream:


The art college and high school

I attended 

Are somehow combined 

With stairs and corridors 

That don’t ever seem to lead

To what I hoped to find

Although what that thing was

I’m uncertain of now, because 

As dreams do, this slides away 

In the early hours of the day

But in these dreams 

Of that mixed up crazy building 

People come and go passing me by

Sometimes these people are a surprise 

And other times 

They’re strange conglomerates 

Of old 



Or weirdly, put together 

Corporate bastards

Bathed often in lighting that’s a strange colour of blue

I never seem to quite grasp or understand

Why they are telling me the things that they do

These images in my head 

Passing through my mind at night 

At times amuse 

But more often 

Leave me confused or cause me fright

And when I wake 

And faint whispers of the dream 

Slice through the day 

In that weird-ass way 

That dreams have of pervading 

Your daylight space 

Invading your waking hours 

With incandescent sliding images 

Passing, fleeting passages 

Marriages of strange corridors 

From high school 

And art college and many other places 

Would one describe them as a mirage?

Maybe they’re more like a bad collage

Pasted images from my lives, some behind 

And some still unmet 

Things that lay ahead in time

But can be seen now in my mind

Perhaps they are predictions 

Of situations I’ll find myself in one day 

Some of the things I hope I see

My friend Rane beckoning to me

But dear lord I hope 

That the suited bastards with their mean lies

Remain where they are 

In the dark

Behind my closed eyes

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