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Well it’s constant isn’t it

This refrain

I’m drunk


Like who gives a fuck

A marriage sunk

And endless affairs

Ending occasionally with tears

But mostly with relief

A tiny smidge of angst

And then a desire to meet my friend Clare

To dance dance dance


I met a man

Not even divorced

Longing in that moment for something more

But how can he have it

Even if one can see

It’d help his soul to heal

He can’t

He has a horrible, painful

Cursed process to go through

It’s gonna suck

His wife is gonna drag him

Through muck

He does not deserve

He should have known he could not serve her

And left ten years ago

But no

He thought of his daughter

And how he needed to attend to her

Care and provide and love

And help her to learn to survive


And so now he faces

A wife who condemns and

Spends masses of wasted time on painful angry


She doesn’t want him

But she’s so furious

So he can’t be happy


People can be cunts


I’m sad for them both and the daughter, 15, trapped between the two.

Her father ready to cry

Her mother wanting her father to just die

In a year or two

It’ll be over

Resolved, not fairly but done all the same

And each will have moved on in their fucked up game


The daughter

She’ll need counselling

But who doesn’t

Even if we think

We’ll be ok without it

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